Tamara Teplitskaya

Professional Experience

05/94 - 05/97  - Vice President;
10/08  - President

Environmental Carcinogens Investigation
Center, Inc. (ECIC, Inc.) (New York)

During this period she produced the following scientific programs:

     1.  “The Environmental Prevention of Breast Cancer”;

  2.“Ecological Disasters as a Source of Carcinogenic Substances”

(How to Decrease a Consequences of their Impact on Humans with Minimal Expenses):

                   a ) “Forecasting Natural Soil Regeneration after Ecological Disasters”,

                       b ) “The “Fingerprints” of Various Types of Pollution”.

10/93-10/94   Head of ecological section.

International Emigre Association of Arts and Sciences, Inc. (New York)

01/94-05/94   Project manager

General International Services F & B, Inc. (New York) :
Evaluation of scientific projects.

1962-1990  Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

              Laboratory of Carbon Substances of Biosphere:

1973-1990 Senior Research Scientist and Head of Research Group of Chemical Transformers of Biosphere.

Research Supervisor of some stages of International Program

"Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS)" 

Responsibilities included:

Experimental study of carcinogenic pollutants in Air, Air Precipitation, Water (including Drinking Water, Streams, Sewage, etc.), Soils, Bottom Sediments, Plants, Industrial Harmful Wastes, Exhaust Fumes, Petroleum Products and Products of Oil Burning; assessmen of systematic information on Pollution Levels, Pollutant Distribution, Accumulation, Pollution Trends and the Quality of Natural Environment; differentiation of natural PAHs from man-made ones; writing and defending research program proposals and research reports.

 1962-1973   Junior Research Scientist

Responsibilities included:

Creation of the information base for determination of PAHs and their analogs; experimental study of  PAHs in Petroleum, Thermal and Underground Water, in Oceanic and Marine Sediments, Rocks and Minerals; interpretation of  processes of  PAHs natural formation.