Tamara Teplitskaya



Scientific Projects developed between

1962 and 1990:

Investigation of Organic Pollutants 

(Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Toxic) in Natural and Man-Made Environment.


Chemistry, behavior and transformation of Individual Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), and their analogs, including benzothiophens, adamantans, etc. in the Environment.


Experimental methods of high sensitive (less than 10-3-10-4 ng/ul) and high selective (including chemical isomers) analyses of individual organic carcinogenic/mutagenic and toxic pollutants in the Environment.


The informational database for the identification of over one hundred of PAHs and their chemical analogs.


Assessment methods of the soil’s quality from the viewpoint of forecasting in what cases contaminated soils become clean by itself without additional expenses for a cleanup.


The methodology of investigation of carcinogenic organic pollutants for the Global Environmental Monitoring System in the former Soviet Union and some Eastern European Countries.



Scientific Projects produced from 1994:

1. "The Environmental Prevention of Breast Cancer”;

2. “Ecological Disasters as a Source of Carcinogenic Substances”

(How to Decrease the Consequences of their Impact on Humans with Minimal Expenses):

2a.  “Forecasting Natural Soil Regeneration after Ecological Disasters”,

2b.  “The “Fingerprints” of Various Types of Pollution”.

C ).

Informational and Educational Program

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